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How to Nail Your Next Big Speaking Gig

(So Everyone Loves You And It Gets You More Business)

Got a Big Speaking Gig Coming Up?

Join Kate for this online training to discover the formula for a funny, engaging, and memorable presentation that gets you more business and more bookings.


Wednesday 7th February


Wednesday 7th February


Wednesday 7th February


Wednesday 7th February

In This Online Masterclass You'll Discover...

Secret #1

How to engage your audience from the very start and keep them smiling, interested and entertained throughout your presentation.

Secret #2

How to structure your presentation content and key takeaways into a memorable format that stays with your audience long after you finish talking.

Secret #3

How to deliver a BIG finish that will send everyone off on a high, motivate them to take action and most importantly leave a lasting impression so people will remember you and refer you to others.

Meet Your Host - Kate Burr

Whether you’re a Speaker, Coach, Author, or Thought Leader, Kate specialises in helping you make your presentations and keynotes more funny, engaging and memorable.

Rather than just telling jokes to make people laugh, Kate’s approach focuses on using humour to engage and influence your audience while amplifying your core messages, brand identity and unique personality.

In business, the primary reason for humour isn’t laughter; it’s engagement – as better engaged audiences, clients, and prospects lead to better business outcomes.

Creator of COMIC INTELLIGENCE and the FUNNY ON PURPOSE FORMULA, Kate has “left-brained” comedy by adding her own templates, checklists, laugh data and reference maps methodology. She’s worked with the likes of Keith Abraham, Amanda Stevens, Michelle Bowden and breakthrough speaker of the year Dr. Kristy Goodwin.

Get ready to nail your next big speaking gig! Through Kate’s guidance, you can be more confident and engaging while delivering an outstanding experience for your audience!

Warning: This training is 100% free and places are limited.
Please register early to avoid disappointment.