Kate Burr is a Humour and Leadership Coach who specialises in the art of engagement. Her mission is to help Leaders and Professionals enhance their effectiveness by using humour to get better business outcomes.

With over two decades of experience as an Award-Winning Comedian and High-Performance Humour Coach, Kate brings a unique blend of humour and leadership expertise to the table. She shows you how to develop your Comic Intelligence and use humour and engagement to elevate your people, performance and productivity. 

Creator of COMIC INTELLIGENCE and the FEEL-GOOD EFFECT, Kate has “left-brained” comedy by using her own templates, checklists, laugh data and 6-step methodology based on the principles of humour to enhance well-being, strengthen connections, and expand capacity.

In business, the primary reason for humour isn’t laughter; it’s engagement – as better engaged prospects, clients, teams and audiences lead to better business relationships, improved performance and increased results” Kate says.

In addition to her coaching work, Kate is a seasoned Keynote Speaker, a skilled Professional Event MC, a successful Business Owner, and an accomplished Author. With more than 20 years of on-stage experience, she excels in creating feel-good experiences for her audiences and clients.

For those looking to infuse humour into their leadership and business strategies, Kate Burr offers a unique blend of wit and wisdom. Discover how humour can become your secret weapon for achieving success by connecting with Kate.