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Kate’s an Award-Winning Comedian and Professional MC who
will deliver an event with loads of fun, energy and laughs


Want Kate to MC Your Next Event?             

Want to create a fun, enjoyable event that's the talk of the town?

For over ten years now, Kate has been working with event organisers who are passionate about running enjoyable, successful and well-organised events. Like you, they know they only get one chance to get it right, and a disorganised or boring event can leave a lasting bad impression where all that hard work ends up being a complete waste of time.

want your event to seem effortless and run as smoothly as possible no matter what happens?

This is where experience counts. There is no point saying “we should do it like this next time” because it needs to be done right this time!  Unfortunately, nothing’s perfect and life happens, so despite best intentions, sometimes things just don’t run to plan or are out of our control (cos let’s face it – events have A LOT of moving parts). Engaging a professional MC who has experience navigating and troubleshooting events (so no one even notices if something has gone wrong!) can be the difference between a mediocre event and an event that everyone raves about.

want to deliver an event that's an "out of the park" success?

As an award winning comedian, Kate is able to handle any type of audience with quick wit and humour. She can deliver the right joke, to the right audience at the right time to bring fun, energy and enthusiasm to your next event. Kate helps you create an outstanding live event that is memorable for all the right reasons!


Inject fun, energy & laughter into your event by setting the tone, involving the audience and adding humour.

Create engagement so the audience has a great experience, the Speakers provide the most value and the event outcomes are achieved.

Manage the event on the day
including the schedule, the people (Speakers & Attendees) and the logistics (tech/venue/breaks etc).

“In business, the primary reason for humour isn’t laughter; it’s engagement – as better engaged people and teams leads to better business relationships, improved performance and increased results.”

Kate Burr

Meet Kate burr

With over two decades of experience as an Award-Winning Comedian and Professional MC, Kate is passionate about helping event organisers deliver outstanding live events that are fun, enjoyable, and well-organised. 

Kate can help you create an outstanding event that is memorable for all the right reasons! She is meticulous in keeping events running on time and can deliver the right joke to the right audience at the right time to bring loads of fun, energy and enthusiasm to your next event.

What people are saying about Kate…

Kate’s background in stand-up comedy allowed for a high level of interaction with the audience and captured their attention and focus throughout the formalities. Her ability to balance the formal nature for the awards event with her energy was fantastic and we were honoured to work with such a professional speaker and leader.

AILA SA engaged Kate Burr for our recent annual Landscape Architecture Awards night as Master of Ceremonies. Her passion, enthusiasm and professionalism were wonderful and provided the event with a new level of prestige for our members and industry friends.

Kate’s remarkable eye for detail working with a complicated script provided opportunities to test ideas, set up practice run throughs and ongoing review, allowing us to host a seamless event.

 Feedback from our members and guests has been amazing and we hope to work with Kate again in the future.


Kate brought a fantastic sense of humor and character to the role of MC that no one could match! Her lighthearted and go-get-’em attitude was just what our event needed. Can’t wait to work with you again!


“Kate had the whole room captivated. I’ve had lots of feedback from people saying how much they’ve loved listening to her and the things that she shared.”


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