Will Using Humour Damage Your Credibility?

Humour, when used right, can strengthen your message and engage your market. But it can also go the wrong way.

In business, there is a particular type of humour that could damage your credibility or, worse… the reputation of your whole company!

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How to Benefit from Humour if You’re Not a “Funny Person”

So, you may have heard that I used to be part of a show called the Three Stuffed Mums. The premise of the show was that I was “physically stuffed”, because I had a toddler, Maggie was “mentally stuffed” because she had a teenager and Kehau was an empty nester, and she was telling everyone to “get stuffed!”

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Want to Use More Humour in Business Presentations? This One Quick Tip Will Help

People want to be funny for all sorts of reasons when they give business presentations. You may want to use humour to engage your audience more. You may have a boring topic that switches people off, so you want to include humour to liven up the discussion. You may simply want to shift the mood or energy and change it up a little bit so you can have more laughs and fun. 

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How to add humour to a boring topic

I have a one on one client that I’m working with at the moment who wants to know how to add humour to a boring topic. She is a Workplace Health and Safety Consultant, and as you can imagine, it’s a little bit of a dry and boring topic – yawn! We are working together to liven up her presentation and make it a bit more engaging and entertaining for her audience (as well as a little bit more fun for her to present!)

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Could This Style of Humour Be Damaging Your Credibility As A Speaker?

I often see this particular bit of advice thrown around a lot when it comes to being funny. It’s a pretty easy way to get a laugh, so I can see why it’s so popular – the problem is, that this particular advice can be very detrimental if you are a Speaker or Presenter. I feel that this style of humour has the potential to damage your credibility as a Speaker and should be avoided at all costs.  (Or if you must insist on using this style of humour, at least make sure you are very aware of the possible consequences.)

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How to Stop Nerves When Speaking in Public

I was recently chatting with a client, and we were talking about public speaking. He said, “Kate when it comes to public speaking, I’d put people into 3 categories:

Really good at it,
Happy to give it a go and
Vomit!” [when they think about Public Speaking]

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