How to Stop Nerves When Speaking in Public

I was recently chatting with a client, and we were talking about public speaking. He said, “Kate when it comes to public speaking, I’d put people into 3 categories:

Really good at it,
Happy to give it a go and
Vomit!” [when they think about Public Speaking]

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How to use Humour to Break Down Barriers

One way to use humour effectively is to break down the barriers with your audience.  You can use it to address uncomfortable things, call out the ‘elephant in the room’, say the thing that everyone is thinking and dissolve basically anything that will stop people from listening to you.

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If you want to be funny – DON’T TELL JOKES

he number 1 rule if you want to be funny is DON’T TELL JOKES.

Now I get this may seem completely contradictory, so let me explain.  Jokes are a real problem for Speakers because it puts you on the radar.  As a Speaker, you have the huge advantage that your humour is able to fly under the radar because nobody expects you to be funny.  

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One quick tip for Speakers to get a laugh from your audience

The first rule if you want to get a laugh from your audience is don’t tell jokes.  Jokes are a real problem for Speakers because it puts you on the radar and people know that you are trying to be funny.  If the joke doesn’t work, you’ve left it all hanging out, looking like a bit of a dill. #awkward

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How to avoid disaster when introducing a Speaker on stage

Apart from being absolutely hilarious… this should’ve never happened.

When you are MCing an event and bringing on the speakers, they should never be left to look stupid like this.  It immediately discredits the speaker and the audience lose confidence with them before they even say a word.

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