"Write With Jane" Resources

Thanks for watching the interview with Jane Turner and Kate Burr. Here are some helpful resources to help you with your next presentation to add some humour and increase your engagement.

Break Down the Barriers with Your Introduction

The following questions will help you address the possible barriers that your audience is having to 100% committing to your presentation.  Addressing any of these obstacles will help you “clear the air” and get engagement so you can get on with delivering your message.

The Funny on Purpose Formula

The Funny on Purpose Formula is the 9 steps that you need to be aware of if you want to use humour in a business and presentation context.

9 Perfect Places to Add Humour to Your Presentation

Humour needs to be used with purpose to support key messages and topics, rather than just telling a joke to make people laugh. Here’s 9 very specific ways you can use humour in your presentations to gain maximum effect.

Funnier in 5 Days Challenge

Join me for the replay of this free 5-Day Challenge to learn how to be funny on purpose so that you can use humour that aligns with your message and engages your market. (And the best bit – you don’t have to wait 5 days for the course to be released, as it’s a replay, you can binge it all at once! #winning!!)