Realise the Benefits and Remove the Risks of Using Humour in the Workplace


Become a more confident, and engaging leader who can use humour to engage staff, increase well-being and boost productivity.

Humour in the workplace is proven to boost productivity, reduce conflict, release stress, elevate mood, improve communication, and increase creativity. But… only when it’s done right!

Humour done wrong, can potentially be distracting and damaging. Discover how to remove the risk and realise the benefits of humour with High-Performance Humour coach and award-winning comedian Kate Burr. Learn how to safely integrate humour into your leadership to support key performance outcomes, enhance workplace health, boost productivity and improve leader effectiveness.

In business, the primary reason for humour isn’t laughter; it’s engagement – as better engaged people and teams lead to better business relationships, improved performance and increased results,” Kate says.


  • Safely use humour and laughter in the workplace to reduce stress levels and increase feelings of well-being.
  • Learn humour strategies for leaders that will improve your connection and engagement with teams, clients and individuals.
  • Discover practical ways to use humour in the workplace that will achieve your outcomes and boost productivity.
  • Confidently use humour in a risk-free way that maintains your integrity and enhances your leadership (without feeling embarrassed, awkward or uncomfortable).