How to make your presentations and keynote content more memorable & engaging
(so it leads to more money & more business)

This video was filmed during Kate’s presentation to the Professional Speakers Australia chapter meeting in South Australia in July 2023. 

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Whether you’re a Speaker, Coach, Author, or Thought Leader, Kate specialises in helping you make your presentations and keynotes more funny, engaging and memorable. 

Rather than just telling jokes to make people laugh, Kate’s approach focuses on using humour to engage and influence your audience while amplifying your core messages, brand identity and unique personality.

 She provides one-on-one coaching services on Zoom. Click the button below if you would like to download more information.

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Please contact her on +61 0400 955 007 or email kate@kateburr.com.au if you want to get in touch about one-on-one coaching.

Meet Kate burr

Kate Burr is a Humour and Leadership Coach who specialises in the art of engagement. Her mission is to help Leaders and Professionals enhance their effectiveness by using humour to get better business outcomes.

With a 20-year career as an Award-Winning Comedian and High-Performance Humour Coach, Kate has “left-brained” comedy by adding her own templates, checklists, laugh data and reference maps methodology. She’s worked with the likes of Keith Abraham, Amanda Stevens, Michelle Bowden and breakthrough speaker of the year Dr. Kristy Goodwin.

Get ready to shine on stage! Through Kate’s guidance, you can be more confident and engaging while delivering an outstanding experience for your audience!