with humor coach & comedian Kate Burr

Humour is a very powerful business tool - only if it’s used with business in mind​

Do you want to easily get the attention of your current and future clients?

Do you want more engagement with your live and online audiences?

Do you want to stand out and be remembered so you can get more referrals and repeat business?

THE FUNNY ON PURPOSE FORMULA is perfect for Speakers, Coaches, Content Creators, Podcasters, Digital Marketers and Online Course Creators who want to use humour that aligns with their message and engages their market.


Why hello there! My name is Kate Burr and I’m the creator of THE FUNNY ON PURPOSE FORMULA. THE FUNNY ON PURPOSE FORMULA is designed to help you use humour more effectively to entertain, engage and influence in a way that supports your key messages, brand and personality. I work with people like you who are constantly improving and learning new ways to be a better communicator. They want to stand up confidently in front of a crowd, entertain the audience and deliver a great message. They want to engage their audiences, have a bigger impact and make a real difference. They know that by being a better communicator, they’ll have more opportunities, better results, and greater influence.

That ’s where humour can be a very beneficial tool to include in your toolkit. Humour can help you engage any market or audience, lighten any mood or liven up any topic. As a Humour Coach and Creator of THE FUNNY ON PURPOSE FORMULA, I can show you how to be funny on purpose, and use humour effectively for maximum laughs, entertainment factor and audience engagement.

Humour is a very powerful business tool – only if it’s used with business in mind. That’s where THE FUNNY ON PURPOSE FORMULA differs to most comedy/humour training. Most comedy/humour training teaches you how to be funny to a room full of drunk people and get a laugh at any cost. That is perfectly fine for Stand Up Comedians, however, if you are a Professional, a laugh cannot come at the expense of your credibility or your message. Your content must come first, credibility comes second and the humour has to support your message, not overshadow it. And that’s exactly what THE FUNNY ON PURPOSE FORMULA helps you do.


The old way of adding humour is to plan out your message, add some random humour (because you’ve been told it’s important “add some humour”) and then take it to market and hope they like it. Using such a disjointed process means that humour is likely to detract from your message rather than support it.

A better way for professionals is to be “funny on purpose”, where humour is used specifically to enhance your message, engage your market and support your personal brand.


How to use ‘High Performance Humor’?

There are 3 things you need to get right to be funny on purpose. You want the:

When you use the right approach to humour it’s painless and effortless. It’s not embarrassing, it’s not awkward and it’s not uncomfortable.

When you get the right material, it’s valued by your clients and audiences. It ’s aligned with your personal brand, and supports your message and it’s not cringeworthy to listen to.

When you get the right performance you will be able to effortlessly deliver humour AND still be taken seriously. You will be entertaining and engaging for

Humour is a very powerful business tool - only if it’s used with business in mind

Kate Burr

Use of humor for engagement

In Speaking and Business, the primary reason for humour isn ’t laughter; it’s engagement – as better engaged prospects, clients and audiences, lead to better business relationships, performance and results. Rather than just telling jokes to make people laugh, I work with my clients to use humour for engagement. The laughter is a nice by-product, but it’s not the focus.

Comedians are masters of engagement. They can do it instantly and often they have to – just to do their job! With a background in stand up comedy, a professional comedian for 15 years and 20 years experience on stage, I use my extensive knowledge, skills and methodologies to teach you how to use humour effectively.


When I mention the possibility of being funny on purpose, I can’t count the number of times people say to me “I’m not funny, so there ’s no point ” or “No one would take me seriously if I started cracking jokes” or simply just “There ’s no way in hell! Nup! No chance!!! ”Comments like these make me sad and frustrated because people are leaving so much potential on the table – for themselves, their message and their audiences.

That’s why I created THE FUNNY ON PURPOSE FORMULA – to unlock the mystery and show there is a pathway to being funny. And, you can do it without feeling awkward, uncomfortable or embarrassed. THE FUNNY ON PURPOSE FORMULA comes from a mixture of my 15 years in the comedy industry and five years as a Humour Coach where I’ve worked one-on-one with Professional Speakers, Leaders and Business Owners.

You can learn how to be funny on purpose while supporting your key messages, brand and personality.


Understand the basics

There is a lot of mystery and confusion around humour and how to do it properly. In fact, a lot of the information out there on how to be funny, can be very damaging to a Professional.

Traditional Humour (or humour for entertainment) is focussed on getting a laugh at all costs. That doesn’t leave
much room for your message or credibility. Instead, as Professionals, we need to think of humour in the context of
business, where humour is used to get Attention, Connection and Engagement.

Think of humour as the ACE up your sleeve. Understanding the basics will show you which techniques of humour and comedy are useful to Professionals and how to safely apply them to the art of business communication.

Get clear on objectives

When you know what you want the humour to do, it’s much easier to add it to your message. Decide what you need each piece of humour to do in your business communication.

For instance, it can help you get a friendly audience, connect with your audience and get them in a peak state for
learning so your key message and main points are understood and remembered.

Create or curate your material

Creating humorous material is 3 step process, first you have to generate the ideas, then write the material, and the magic happens in the editing and polishing of that material to get it audience ready.

Deliver maximum laughs

Once you have written the material, it’s time to take your humour to a real live audience. The performance, delivery and timing of humour (in both live and online environments) is probably the most important part.

If you don’t get this part right, all the work you have done up till this point is a complete waste of time.

Nail the approach

There are 2 main components to successful humour-c1. what you say and 2. how it is received.

You can have the best material in the world, but if you don ’t nail the approach so your humour is received in the right way, you are leaving a lot of potential opportunities on the table.

What you get with the


The Funny On Purpose Formula with 9 modules delivered live (virtually)

and then available to access online to reinforce your learning.

1 hour fortnightly Writer’s Room Sessions live with Kate,

includes templates, checklists, coaching, and feedback for your humour writing. The magic isn’t in the information, it’s in the implementation! The Writer’s Room will help you put your learning into action.

Funny On Purpose Behind the Curtain Community Go

behind the curtain to get feedback on your material, ask questions, share ideas and join the challenges!

30 min Signature Humour Coaching Session

to help you identify how to be funny on purpose with your specific topic, message or content. Plan and unpack and plan your material for the year ahead.

Funny On Purpose Humour Creation Checklists and Templates

helping you to systematically create original humour quickly and easily.

“Tailoring Trending Topics” Triple T Special Sessions

to help you adapt trending topics to your content to be relevant and on-trend.

Fill Up On Funny Daily Collection

because funny in = funny out. Receive a daily humour injection into your inbox every week day - to use as ideas or the basis of your next piece of humour.

Humour Quick Tips

super speedy injections of bite-sized comedy training for learning on the go.

Monthly Comedy Challenge

Refine your funny on purpose skills, have some fun and have a chance to win great prizes.

Map My Preso Keynote Presentation Maps

so you can see a visual representation of your progress in the use of humour and audience engagement in your keynote presentations.

Bonus Tickets to All Live Funny On Purpose Workshops

Attend any of the Funny On Purpose FOUNDATIONS, Comedy School for SPEAKERS and Comedy School for CONTENT CREATORS workshops held throughout the year (current workshops are all held virtually until Covid stops messing us about!).

Special Rates on 1:1 Coaching

to take your humour development even further.


$297 + GST per month(minimum 3 months)

$815 + GST per quarter

$2997 + GST per year


Kate Burr is a High Performance Humour Coach and Award Winning Comedian who helps people to be funny on purpose and develop their Comic Intelligence. Kate makes sure humour is used to support your key messages, brand & personality.

With 20 years of experience as a Stand Up Comedian, Event MC & Speaker, Kate brings her extensive knowledge and skills to teach Speakers, Coaches, Content Creators, Podcasters, Digital Marketers and Online Course Creators how to use humour more effectively to communicate their message. Rather than just telling a joke to make people laugh, Kate focuses on using humour with the purpose to engage and influence.

Creator of the FUNNY ON PURPOSE FORMULA, Kate has “left-brained” comedy by adding her own templates, checklists, laugh data and reference maps methodology which she uses to teach humour and engagement to others. Kate teaches you to use humour in a way that helps you be confident, funny and engaging while creating a fantastic experience for your clients, audience and market!